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Sensory Workshops

We are passionate about creating stimulating sensory experiences for the people we work with. We have developed a series of specialist BLINK Sensory workshops and events.

Captivating the senses using smells, textures, sounds and activities designed to bring the story to life making it meaningful to sensory learners.

BLINK Sensory can be booked for play schemes, children’s parties, family friendly events and more.



A Journey into Space
Blast off into space - meet an astronaut, walk on the moon and relax in the stars.

Sweet Dreams
Get ready for bed and fall asleep - meet the dream makers and a enter dream world. 

Four Seasons
Meet the Easter Bunny and explore a garden at Spring time. Have fun in the sun and enjoy the heat in Summer. Feel the leaves falling and enjoy the colours in Autumn.  Meet some familiar faces and play in the snow this Winter. 

Under The Sea
Take a dip beneath the waves in this underwater sensory adventure.

Join us in the circus tent and meet some of the acts- the Acrobats, the Tightrope Walker and the Clowns. 

Walking in the Jungle
Experience the rain forest and meet some of the animals that live there. 

If you have an idea for a sensory workshop we would be happy to work with you to make it happen.

DBS Checked

All our facilitators are DBS Checked and have extensive experience in inclusive practice.


For sensory workshop and event enquires please contact us.