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Inclusive Dance and Drama Workshops in London

inclusive Dance and Drama Workshops for schools

Our pupils require best teaching practices as they have complex communication difficulties. Blink ticked all of those boxes.

Teachers and support staff spoke to me later and said it was an amazing experience. The pupils were engaged and happy and that shows us that the session was perfect for them.
— Debbie Snowdon, Dance Teacher The Garden School


Accessible - We offer workshops that make dance accessible for all students.

Inclusive - Our inclusive street dance sessions are very popular.


Communication - Our drama sessions encourage communication and empower students to make choices.

Self Advocacy - We often work on issues such as speaking up and self advocacy.


Storytelling - Captivating the senses using smells, textures, sounds and activities designed to bring the story to life making it meaningful to sensory learners. Find out more about our Sensory approach. 

DBS Checked

DBS Approved - All our facilitators are DBS Checked and have extensive experience in inclusive practice.


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The project allowed the children to tap into their own natural creativity and movement. It complimented and extended what we do in class.
— Julie Cassidy, Class Teacher Mandeville School
We had a BLINK Dance theatre workshop, they were amazing and will adapt their workshops to any topic.
— Sara Avenell, Teacher at Brookfields Specialist School